#8651 Remove Fedora 29 from dl.fpo
Closed: Fixed a year ago by smooge. Opened a year ago by smooge.

Describe what you would like us to do:

Fedora 29 is still on the mirrors and needs to be removed.

Steps to do this are generally.

  1. login to bodhi-backend
  2. su to ftpsync
  3. Perform the following steps with changes as needed
cd  ${TOP}/pub/fedora/linux/releases/${RELEASE}
rsync -avSHP ./ ${TOP}/pub/archives/fedora/linux/releases/${RELEASE}/
# that should catch anything which we missed before in a cp -l
cd ../../updates/${RELEASE}
rsync -avSHP ./ ${TOP}/pub/archives/fedora/linux/updates/${RELEASE}/
cd ../testing/${RELEASE}
rsync -avSHP ./ ${TOP}/pub/archives/fedora/linux/updates/testing/${RELEASE}/
cd ${TOP}/pub/fedora-secondary/releases/${RELEASE}
etc etc etc.
  1. Run the script to update all the fullfilelist for archives, and normal space. Wait 48 hours to have that sync out.
  2. Update mirrormanager to point to F29 location
  3. Inform mirrors of changes
  4. Login to bodhi-backend again.
  5. su to ftpsync
  6. run the following
cd ${TOP}/pub/fedora/linux/releases/${RELEASE}
rm -rvf ./*
ln ../6/README .
cd ${TOP}/pub/fedora/linux/updates/${RELEASE}
rm -rvf ./*
ln ../6/README .
cd ${TOP}/pub/fedora/linux/updates/testing/${RELEASE}
rm -rvf ./*
ln ../6/README .
cd ${TOP}/pub/fedora-secondary/releases/${RELEASE}
etc etc etc.
  1. Run the script to update fullfilelist
  2. Let mirror list know.
  3. Start finding all the apps/tools silently hardcoded to old release which are now broken.

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

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a year ago

Hi, I would like to take this issue. Please give me a little more follow-ups.
should I refer to this: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/docs/administration.html
for the initial setup.

Thank you.

I am not sure anyone outside of sysadmin-main can take this issue at the moment. I will check.

This has been completed and should affect mirrors on the next compose when files get regenerated for fast mirror

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a year ago

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