#8573 Extend Pagure API token lifetime
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago by pingou. Opened 4 years ago by kparal.

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We'd like to use blockerbot account to automate tasks in blocker-review and fedoraqa-test (staging) Pagure projects. I've created an API token under this user in each of the projects. However, the default token lifetime is just 2 months. Can you please extend these tokens lifetime to the max allowed value (infinite, if possible)?

There is only 1 such token for that user under each project, so it should be easy to identify the tokens. Alternatively, I can tell you the first few characters of each token. (Or tell me how to specify the tokens).

Thank you.

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

Ideally in a week or so would be nice (2020/01/29)

@pingou does this need to be an RFE against pagure or something else?

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4 years ago

@smooge, no we can already do this via pagure-admin

An alternative is to wait for pagure 5.9 which will offer the users to define their own expiration_date on API tokens (default to 6 months, max 2 years).

I've updated blockerbot's API token on pagure.io to 2021-02-02 and same on stg.pagure.io

Sure thing.

Let's close, @kparal could you re-open if I got it wrong?


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4 years ago

Everything seems correctly updated (and we'll able to handle it ourselves in the next version of Pagure). Thanks a lot to everyone.

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