#8547 Rack and install servers for QA
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Some hardware arrived to replace old QA servers. Need to have them racked, wired and installed. Systems then need to be installed and set up with QA services. Older systems will then be turned off

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Systems have arrived. Ticket is in place for PHX2 people to rack and stack.

@tflink what do we want to do with these? @smooge , how many / what spec servers did we get, and which boxes are they intended to replace? thanks!

@adamwill I'd say it's up to you - OpenQA is the only QA service that is going to live past the datacenter move later this year. I don't want to put any more effort into Taskotron than we have to, including upgrading/replacing hardware.

It does bring up the question of what OpenQA is going to use for database and application hosting. I have no idea what the plan is for that or if the current application servers (virthost-comm03.qa and virthost-comm04.qa) are going to be moved if the warranty on those boxes are still good.

OK, I can always make them openQA workers - more workers always equals more good! At this rate we'll be able to start testing all updates...

as for the hosting question, yes we should sort that out, but it can be in another ticket i guess.

OK we got 3 servers. I have not gotten them installed but 2 were meant to replace the older virthost-comm boxes and 1 was meant to add to openqa and remove the last of the out of warranty hardware.

So as discussed at Devconf, we're still gonna need virthost(s) for openqa01 and openqa-stg01 - they are not trivially portable to Ze Cloud. Both instances will also still need access to a DB server, however we want to organize that.

OK here is my current plan for this box. I am going to install them in PHX2 and have them ready to be shipped to IAD2. When they arrive they will be put into racks and we can get them ready and installed in May. As such I am closing for the time being and it will be tracked in the IAD2 move project.

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