#8530 Outage: Upgrade of Copr servers - 2020-01-16 07:00 UTC
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by praiskup. Opened 2 years ago by praiskup.

There will be an outage starting at 2020-01-16 07:00 UTC, which will last
approximately 2 hours. The copr-backend storage (copr build results) will stay
online during this outage.

Reason for outage:
we're only updating copr packages to the new versions, to get bugfixes and
new features deployed.

Affected Services:
copr-frontend - https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org
copr-backend - https://copr-be.cloud.fedoraproject.org/

Contact persons:

Please join #fedora-admin in irc.freenode.net or add comments to the ticket for this outage above.

Metadata Update from @smooge:
- Issue priority set to: Waiting on External (was: Needs Review)

2 years ago

Can this be tagged as outage?

Metadata Update from @cverna:
- Issue tagged with: outage

2 years ago

Some performance issues are still on copr-frontend, so I'm not closing this till
another hotfix later today ... IOW, outage is not yet over even though most of
the stuff should just work now.

Metadata Update from @praiskup:
- Issue close_status updated to: Fixed
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

2 years ago

Yes, sorry for inconvenience. I'll update it next time.

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