#8438 stg and prod AMQP Certs for fedora-package-checks Jenkins Instance
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I have been working on getting rpminspect to run on all Fedora builds and that work is mostly done but I still need to emit messages which can be consumed by the rest of the gating process.

For this goal, I am requesting certs for both stg and prod AMQP so that I can emit messages which are properly signed.


  • stg

    • org.centos.stage.ci.koji-build.test.queued
    • org.centos.stage.ci.koji-build.test.running
    • org.centos.stage.ci.koji-build.test.complete
    • org.centos.stage.ci.koji-build.test.error
  • prod

    • org.centos.prod.ci.koji-build.test.queued
    • org.centos.prod.ci.koji-build.test.running
    • org.centos.prod.ci.koji-build.test.complete
    • org.centos.prod.ci.koji-build.test.error

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

I don't have a specific deadline but sooner would be better than later.

Are these in the centos-ci? I think they might have a cert already and some way to emit messages? Or is this another instance?

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This is in the centos ci infrastructure but it is not the same Jenkins instance used for the ci pipelines. I had assumed that the certs couldn't be shared between instances but if that's an option, I can ask them about it

As I understood it, the decision at the last infra meeting was to generate separate certs for now and look at consolidating the certs later.

If I've understood correctly, could someone generate the certs for this?

ok. I have created them in ansible-private. I called them 'rpminspect' (prod) and 'rpminspect.stg' in staging.

Can you pick the crt/key up from there? Or would you like me to move it someplace (your homedir on batcave01?).

I still have access to the ansible-private repo so I can grab the certs.

Thanks for generating them

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