#8422 Additional ACL rights for zuul user's API tokens
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago by pingou. Opened 4 years ago by fbo.


I would like to request an update of the "zuul" user tokens named "sf-project-io-zuul" on pagure.io and src.fedoraproject.org. Please add the following rights:

  • pull_request_comment
  • pull_request_flag
  • pull_request_merge

Thanks in advance.

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4 years ago

The tokens I see have those permissions.

Are you sure they don't?

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4 years ago

As you can see tokens only have "Modify project" right and I'm requesting to add pull_request_comment, pull_request_flag and pull_request_merge.

Thanks in advance !

@pingou can you look here? I do see the tokens now,, but I don't see how to add rights (aside from db poking)....

@fbo we can't update the ACLs of an existing token atm, would you be fine with a new token?
If so could you list all the ACLs you'd need on that new token?

@pingou @kevin Thanks looking at that. Ok then I can create tokens by myself as I can connect with the Zuul account. I'll do that. And then I'll need to request a change on the tokens expiry.

Ok the new tokens for the zuul user on both instances (pagure.io and src.fp.org) have been created and are called "sf-project-io-zuul-ng".

Could you extend their expiry to, at least, 6 months ?

Thanks in advance

I've set both tokens to expire on 2020-06-02 :)

Don't forget to expire the token you no longer need/use :)

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4 years ago

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