#8415 Find New Ownership for ResultsDB
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ResultsDB was started as part of Taskotron but has come to be something which is relied on by other groups in Fedora. Now that Taskotron is due to be decomissioned, it needs to find new ownership from an administrative position. I am planning to upgrade the machines hosting ResultsDB to Fedora 31 in the next week or so and that will handle the upgrade needs until the datacenter move at least.

The current hardware hosting the VM which runs ResultsDB is due to be retired when the datacenter move happens next year. It needs to find a new home and since there are groups inside Red Hat who run it on OpenShift, that's likely to be a good place to move the Fedora instance(s).

I'm starting this ticket to get the conversation started as to who is going to be running ResultsDB going forward.

This might be better as a mailing list thread?

But if we depend on it, then we need to take it over... or perhaps the CI folks would be interested?

We can discuss at this weeks meeting/on list

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@pingou do we have more visibility for this ?

@pingou do we have more visibility for this ?

It's still on my radar and has been flagged as something we need an answer for,
before the colo move, but I have no definite answer at this point :(

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@smooge you've added a "dev" tag to this ticket, do you have an idea what needs to be developed for this?

My understanding is that an agreement has been reached where CPE takes over the application.

Please re-open if there's anything further to do here.

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