#839 Malformed mails
Closed: Fixed None Opened 14 years ago by kasal.

each time a change to a perl-* package is committed, e.g. to rpms/perl-Data-ICal/devel, a mail is sent to fedora-perl-devel-list@redhat.com. The mail censored by mailman:
Reason: Message has implicit destination

The list address is not mentioned in the header of the message, the header contains only:
To: cvsextras@fedoraproject.org, perl-Data-ICal-owner@fedoraproject.org

Who maintains the script which sends the commit mails? What is the mechanism which ensures that these mails go to fedora-perl-devel-list? Is this the right place to ask for fix?

As you see, I'm confused; any hints appreciated. Stepan

You should contact the fedora-perl-devel-list and have them add the new from user to their allowed list. We migrated to postfix and getting all the headers back in from what were in sendmail has proved to be more difficult then we thought.

Well, I filed this because I thought that the message is held even though the sender is in the mailmans whit-list.
This note serves as a test one...

Indeed, the messgage is held even though the sender is listed in the

The solution seems to be to add perl-owner@fedoraproject.org to acceptable_aliases

I did not recall that such an option exists when I filed this request, sorry.

Verified, I added "ricky@fedoraproject.org" to acceptable_aliases and the message from trac have not been held.

To sum up, there is an easy workaround: if the header mentions et least one recipient in its "To:" or "Cc:" headers, add it as a "list alias".

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