#8372 User can not update email address in src.fedoraproject.org
Closed: Fixed 5 months ago by pingou. Opened 5 months ago by smooge.

@pkfed can not update their mailing email address in src.fedoraproject.org. The problem is in pagure code and needs some manual work to fix. @pingou did this on pagure.io but did not on src.fedoraproject.org since that has a different set of production rules. This ticket is to track permissions to make changes to src.fedoraproject.org by @mohanboddu and @kevin

The problem is with the "star" button on the user. It is read-only and can not be updated.

In both pagure.io and src.fp.o, the interface does not allow altering the default email address when multiple email addresses appear. It looks like very similar javascript code is being used in both areas, but the underlying data stores are different (pagure.io vs src.fp.o) .

I've updated the database for @pkfed in src.fp.o.

@jlanda is working on the fix upstream.

I hope we'll be able to cut a pagure release upstream in the coming weeks with all the changes that we have landed.

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

Oh and the for record here are the commands I ran:

-- Find the user's id and current default_email
select id, "user", fullname, default_email from "users" where "user" = 'pkfed';
-- Update the default_email:
update "users" set default_email = 'phil@...' where id=1791;
-- Re-ran the select query from above to check that the change worked

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5 months ago


I could prepare an ansible hotfix task for {stg.,}{pagure.io,src.fp.o} if needed

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