#8344 Taiga: allow all Fedora users to be added
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Hopefully this is the right place to report Taiga stuff... :-)

When I want to add a new user to our Fedora Magazine board, I need to first ask them to log in first. It feels like Taiga has its own user database and the login action creates an account for them.

Can we please allow adding any Fedora users? Not sure what the best solution would be, though. Perhaps syncing the DB periodically?

It would help us significantly in Fedora Magazine, as now we're unable to add writers and assign them to their articles.

Sorry but we don't run Taiga, and we have no way to sync their database with ours. Their database is local to theirs and gets 'updated' by seeing if the person was able to valid login with Fedora or not.

As far as I can tell this is how it would work for any outsoruced project which is relying on a 3rd party openid. If I log in via facebook or google, I have to relog in to those services.

@jperrin can you ping them about this? and also give us a clear way to bring issues to them?

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I think this duplicates https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/7826

Closing in favour of the original

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