#8330 repos.fedorapeople.org responds with file when it shouldn't
Opened 4 months ago by dkliban. Modified 5 days ago

I am hosting fixtures used by our tests on repos.fedorapeople.org. I have noticed the following behavior:

Even though https://repos.fedorapeople.org/pulp/pulp/fixtures/debian/dists/ragnarok/jotunheimr/binary-armeb/ contains Packages.gz, but not Packages, requests for https://repos.fedorapeople.org/pulp/pulp/fixtures/debian/dists/ragnarok/jotunheimr/binary-armeb/Packages returns Packages.gz

This is a long battle we have had with apache and auto gzing some content but not others. :(

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4 months ago

This is actually expected behaviour. All of the directories have MultiViews set.


@mymindstorm is there a solution we can implement where items under repos.fedoraproject.org returns the data dkliban is wanting?

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