#83 Create testing env on pt4 for transifex
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by glezos.

We need to test transifex on pt4. For this we'll need:

  1. A new user, transifex, which will run the webapp. Please allow glezos to ssh to it. Initially we'll test with a repo that will live in this user's homedir.
  2. Access to FAS via python-fedora from this machine.
  3. Open up port 8084 to allow people with no ssh access to pt4 to test.

1) I've already got a user "transifex-testuser" will that work?

2) I'll get to work on that. It will probably be against the test database.

Can't do 3) but we'll proxy pass in apache on publictest4. What URL do you want it available at?


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