#8289 Receiving the CI stage messages on resultsdb-stg01
Closed: Fixed 10 months ago by bstinson. Opened 10 months ago by pingou.

I'm trying to get ci-resultsdb-listener running on resultsdb-stg01 so we can test the entire gating workflow in stage as well as test there the new version of ci-resultsdb-listener.

However, when running fedmsg-tail --really-pretty --no-validate --query topic |grep centos on that host I do not see any of the org.centos.stage... messages that I'm expected (and which I see on my local laptop).

I've enabled the following endpoints:


I wonder if it's a policy issue or something else :/

I've found the local policy file and adjusted it, let's see if that helps

So it basically looks like the host can connect to hub.fp.o, both fedmsg-relay{,-stg} but not stg.fp.o, I think that's network restricted.

I'm seeing the messages on my laptop connected to stg.fp.o, so I'd see them if we opened the network there.

Although I'm curious why I'm not seeing them from fedmsg-relay-stg.centos.org
@bstinson would you have an idea for this?

Ok, so I've enabled tcp://fedmsg-relay.-stgci.centos.org:9940 only on my laptop and I do not see any messages from org.centos.stage which the rawhide pipeline should be publishing to.

@bstinson or @siddharthvipul1 any idea on this?

@pingou I don't have a lot of idea for this
will discuss with Brian today and will update here

After my testing in https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8289#comment-604386 I've enabled both endpoints:


and restarted by fedmsg-tail command: $ fedmsg-tail --really-pretty --no-validate --query topic |grep centos, I let it run for a day now and I have not seen any org.centos.stage.ci messages in either endpoints (only org.centos.stg.ci and org.centos.prod.ci).

I think we got this all resolved on IRC

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10 months ago

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