#8285 bugzilla assigning packages to my old email address
Closed: Duplicate a year ago by pkfed. Opened a year ago by pkfed.

I changed my FAS email from pkdevel@yahoo.com to phil@mxbits,io. Along with that I wanted to use pkfed@fedoraproject.org on bugzilla instead of my real email. Kevin (nirik) helped me with this. I set up a new bugzilla account for pkfed@fedoraproject.org and he helped migrate my permissions onto it. So now I have two BZ accounts, the former one I no longer wish to use (pkdevel@yahoo.com) and the new one (pkfed@fedoraproject.org).

When bugs are submitted onto my packages, they are assigned to the wrong BZ account (yahoo).

ref: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1759988 (see that I had to change emails)

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a year ago

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