#8283 Please redirect fpaste.org and paste.fedoraproject.org to paste.centos.org
Closed: Fixed 8 months ago by pingou. Opened 11 months ago by ankursinha.


fpaste is now pointing to paste.centos.org. It is currently in testing and will hopefully be pushed to stable in a week or so. Could we redirect the existing fpaste.org and paste.fedoraproject.org URLs to paste.centos.org please (and stop running the modernpaste service there)?

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Please note that the submission APIs for "Stikked" at paste.centos.org and "modernpaste" at fpaste.org are very different. So maybe we need to wait a bit to give users time to update to the new fpaste version first.

Note also: we don't own fpaste.org. I can try and ask the people who pointed it at our proxies to repoint it, but no idea if they will...

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11 months ago

So, do we need to coordinate with the paste.centos.org side any? I mean we can change dns anytime, but do they need to add in vhosts or anything to handle the new connections?

I think we can do this anytime. I will see if the owner is back from dr to double check

It looks like both are now redirecting to paste.centos.org.

Let's close this ticket then :)

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8 months ago

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