#8274 Taking over Fedocal
Opened a month ago by bookwar. Modified 12 days ago

I'd like to take over the maintenance of Fedocal app.

Can you describe the expectations:
which tasks you consider to be urgent for a project?

I'll be glad to help comaintaining it

https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedocal-and-nuancier-are-looking-for-new-maintainers/ describes the expectations for the maintainer(s).

https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure_2020/Friday_with_Infra#Fedocal lists the priorities for fedocal.
As you can see it is basically: finish porting it to fedora-messaging, migrate it to openshift and hand it over (commit access, pypi if applicable...).

Metadata Update from @kevin:
- Issue priority set to: Waiting on External (was: Needs Review)

a month ago

I took an opportunity to play with the Taiga and created

I think there are two requests for Infra team at this point:

  • create a dump of fedocal and share with me and @jlanda so that we can use it to setup new deployments
  • give @jlanda access to commushift (I checked mine, and it works, so I am good here)

My access is fine too

@bookwar How is the progress on this?

I just started to hack with this, but we're going to hit the same catalog|operator permission problem than the rest of the projects that you're trying to move to community: no operators|empty catalog

We could start testing with sqlite, but it does not have too much sense.

oidc is going to be another blocker unless we deploy against iddev.fp.o

btw, @bookwar, I tried on many different ways but I can not accept your taiga invitation :( Can you directly add @jlanda on taiga to the project? Thanks =)

I have sent email with information about the db dump.

I am not sure whats going on with the catalog. I see 100+ items in it, so it must be a permissions issue somewhere. I'll try and track it down.

My rights error when I click on Discover and install Operators from the OperatorHub :
operatorgroups.operators.coreos.com is forbidden: User "jlanda" cannot list resource "operatorgroups" in API group "operators.coreos.com" at the cluster scope

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