#8274 Taking over Fedocal
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I'd like to take over the maintenance of Fedocal app.

Can you describe the expectations:
which tasks you consider to be urgent for a project?

I'll be glad to help comaintaining it

https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedocal-and-nuancier-are-looking-for-new-maintainers/ describes the expectations for the maintainer(s).

https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure_2020/Friday_with_Infra#Fedocal lists the priorities for fedocal.
As you can see it is basically: finish porting it to fedora-messaging, migrate it to openshift and hand it over (commit access, pypi if applicable...).

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2 years ago

I took an opportunity to play with the Taiga and created

I think there are two requests for Infra team at this point:

  • create a dump of fedocal and share with me and @jlanda so that we can use it to setup new deployments
  • give @jlanda access to commushift (I checked mine, and it works, so I am good here)

My access is fine too

@bookwar How is the progress on this?

I just started to hack with this, but we're going to hit the same catalog|operator permission problem than the rest of the projects that you're trying to move to community: no operators|empty catalog

We could start testing with sqlite, but it does not have too much sense.

oidc is going to be another blocker unless we deploy against iddev.fp.o

btw, @bookwar, I tried on many different ways but I can not accept your taiga invitation :( Can you directly add @jlanda on taiga to the project? Thanks =)

I have sent email with information about the db dump.

I am not sure whats going on with the catalog. I see 100+ items in it, so it must be a permissions issue somewhere. I'll try and track it down.

My rights error when I click on Discover and install Operators from the OperatorHub :
operatorgroups.operators.coreos.com is forbidden: User "jlanda" cannot list resource "operatorgroups" in API group "operators.coreos.com" at the cluster scope

@bookwar @jlanda Any progress on this? Do you need any help with something?

@bookwar @jlanda Any progress on this? Do you need any help with something?
I can't use the operatorhub to deploy a db instance.

I don't have an operator hub link on my dashboard, the unique way that I found to reach it is from "Installed Operators", I select project "fedocal-lab", on "Installed Operators" I see the warning about No Operators Found and below it there is a link: Discover and install Operators from the OperatorHub. After clicking there I get the permissions error I mentioned on my previous comment: Restricted Access, You don't have access to this section due to cluster policy. operatorgroups.operators.coreos.com is forbidden: User "jlanda" cannot list resource "operatorgroups" in API group "operators.coreos.com" at the cluster scope

I need to deploy a fedocal instance using staging db dump with a posgresql container and using oidc against iddev before being able to go further :D

@jlanda Any luck with the fedocal instance?

@jlanda Any luck with the fedocal instance?
Finally, I can finally see the operators!

I launched a postgresql db instance with the operator, it claimed the persistent volume and so, but now it has not permissions to write in.

db-deploy pods logs:

mkdir: cannot create directory '/var/lib/pgsql/data/userdata': Permission denied

Please try again now. I think I fixed this...

Please try again now. I think I fixed this...
Just wiped the project to restart from scratch... now I'm hitting another permissions problem:

An error occurred
projectrequests.project.openshift.io is forbidden: User "jlanda" cannot create resource "projectrequests" in API group "project.openshift.io" at the cluster scope

I did not hit this the first time I created fedocal-lab project :(

@jlanda Any progress with the forbidden issue?

@jlanda Any progress with the forbidden issue?

Sorry for the late reply, I reached now to the notification mail.

Since we talked about this on irc some hours ago I copy the conversation for reference:

[08:47:59] <mkonecny> jlanda: Just curious, any progress on Fedocal?
[08:49:54] <jlanda> haven't make time to continue hacking with it, I was planning to play with codeready containers this week but I found that pagure's pipeline is broken again (last run 8 days ago went ok, now it fails on master :S) so dunno if I'll be able to make time for it this week
[08:52:15] <jlanda> due to perms errors I plan to change the approach: build a playbook that can deploy postgres+fedocal+cron using iddev.fp.o as oidc auth provider and then poke someone (lock some time  with someone perhaps) and fix the problems we found changing the target openshift cluster from local to communishift
[08:55:09] <mkonecny> jlanda: sounds like a good approach

Looking at https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/the-future-of-fedora-community-apps/ do we want to revisit this ticket?

@jlanda @bookwar the tldr is that OSPO will take the lead on maintaining the running instance of fedocal due to GPDR restrictions but you are both still very much welcome to lead the development of the project if you would like to, as OSPO will focus on the maintenance, not the dev.

@jlanda thanks for the reply.

@jlanda @bookwar if you are interested in lead the development of fedocal I think @misc will be your point of contact.

I'm going to close the ticket since it is no longer valid as is. Let's open a new one if needed for the transition :)

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