#8257 Can't login to communityblog
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I tried to connect to the community blog to submit an article, and login failed weirdly, with a lot of redirects. One text I remember was my openid was valid, but email not exisiting and that new account creation is forbidden on this website.

I'm using the mechanism to auto connect FAS with gnome + Firefox (can't find the doc anymore to find the correct term).

Now, I have this screen:

Jetpack has locked your site's login page.

Your IP address has been flagged for potential security violations. You can unlock your login by sending yourself a special link via email. Learn More

If I enter my email address and submit the form, Firefox says it failed to open a secure connection.

We saw something like this on Magazine related to proxies. @puiterwijk fixed it, but I'm not sure what the solution was. I'm pretty sure @misc switched from using the proxies for commblog as well, so it might be a different issue.

In the meantime, I've disabled the brute force protection in WordPress. @jibecfed can you log in now?

hi, it still doesn't work. I think the issue comes before:


And the Video:

@misc can you take a look? would you like to track this somewhere else, or is here ok?

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Here is ok. So proxies are not involved, I guess there is a issue on the account side on wordpress. I am looking if there is something off, but I see the account already exist, the login is the same, so I will have to dig more.

So, looking in the DB, it seems that indeed jean baptiste as a user exist, but there is no openid for this account. So instead of logging, it seems to create a new one, which fail, because the user already exist. Guess I have to find a way to link the 2.

Ok so if I impersonate the user (with a plugin), I can't just add the login, cause it ask me to authenticate as jibec on fas. And if I want to modify the DB, I need a 'hash' to add that row and I do not know yet what it is supposed to be. Fun time.

Ok so the hash is just the md5 of the url used (from a quick peek on the source code), so that's good.

Please use jibecfed as fas account=2E Jibec is a failed attempt long time a=

Yeah, I checked that; So I inserted what I think would be the right row, can you try to login and tell me if that's better ?

it works, thank you all :clap:

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11 months ago

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