#8249 Missing "f31" branch in rpms/deepin-qt-dbus-factory
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I'm doing Qt 5 update for F30+ and there currently many packages which need to be rebuild in order to finish the update. I'm currently blocked on "deepin-qt-dbus-factory" not having "f31" branch from some reason, but this package is dependency for many other deepin-* packages.

Can you please create this branch?

Thank you.

You can request for a branch to be created using the command: fedpkg request-branch.
However, if this package was not recently added to Fedora, it's highly that the f31 branch already exists, just not in git.

In this case, simply create the branch in git and push it: git checkout -b f31 && git push -u origin f31.
If the push fail, you may have to check in the project's settings in src.fedoraproject.org if the hook preventing new branches from being created isn't activated. If it is, you'll have to deactivate it, then push, then reactivate it (if you wish).

If neither of these work, please open a releng ticket at: https://pagure.io/releng/issues

Thanks :)

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