#8237 Please move all pagure projects from fedora-l10n/* to fedora-docs-l10n/*
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with @asamalik , we created a proof of concept of our documentation internationalization.
For multiple reasons, it requires quite a lot of git repositories, one per Antora component.

When I started this, I never though we'll have 37! https://pagure.io/projects/fedora-l10n/%2A
I took a too generic group name, and would like to change it before making this going to production.

Can you please rename the group "fedora-l10n" to "fedora-docs-l10n"?
There basically is no user of these repository besides Adam and I.

thanks for your help

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This involves:
- Updating the namespace in the database
- Moving all the underlying git repos (sources, docs, tickets, requests)

There will be no redirection from the old location to the new one, neither in the web UI nor in the git, so all the clones will need to be either, re-cloned or have their .git/config file adjusted.

Could you confirm you're fine with this? @jibecfed @asamalik

Thanks :)

Le 2019-09-24 10:20, Pierre-YvesChibon a écrit :

Could you confirm you're fine with this? @jibecfed @asamalik

That's fine yes, thanks a lot for your help!

Hello, when do you feel like this action can be done?
It is a blocker task for documentation internationalization and the new tr=
anslations platform, because we'll use theses as a demonstration project=2E
Sorry I did not use the right structure from the beginning=2E=2E=2E

Don't hesitate to teach me how to move them manually if this is too time c=
onsuming for you!

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