#8214 Move baobab and cheese from modules/ namespace to flatpaks/
Opened 4 months ago by kalev. Modified 4 months ago

When doing initial modules->flatpaks namespace migration, two flatpak modules were missed:

baobab, cheese

Please move these to the flatpaks/ namespace.

In addition, we ended up accidentally requesting geany twice (in both modules and flatpaks namespace). Please remove the empty modules/geany repo.


This needs @mohanboddu for the releng side and @pingou for the pagure side...

Metadata Update from @kevin:
- Issue priority set to: Waiting on Assignee (was: Needs Review)
- Issue tagged with: src.fp.o

4 months ago

@pingou We need to collaborate on doing this work, please ping me on irc when you get to this ticket.

@mohanboddu and @pingou Perhaps you could do this tomorrow morning? (2019-09-27)

@mohanboddu and @pingou Perhaps you could do this tomorrow morning? (2019-09-27)

I'll already be AFK tomorrow. I will likely not be available to work on this
before the 7th.

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