#8212 project service account on teams.fedoraproject.org
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Would it be possible to create a service account on teams.fedoraproject.org for our project?

Context: we're moving our project from Taiga's hosted instance to teams.fedoraproject.org; back there we had a "dummy" account for automation (ie moving tasks statuses around as patches get merged). We'd like to keep this automation running after the migration.

As far as I can tell we can't create a service account manually here (t.fp.o's login page does not give a possibility to register), and I'd rather not create one on FAS because OpenID is not as straightforward to use for automation than a good old username and password. Also, I am not sure FAS covers service accounts.

Our current project: https://tree.taiga.io/project/morucci-software-factory

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Is this still needed?

Note, I believe you can create a FAS account, login with it on taiga and set a second password in taiga that will allow you to interact with Taiga's 0Auth and API directly. Could this solve your question?

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I'm going to close this ticket as there has been no response since the last ping 2 months ago.

If this is still needed, please re-open a ticket and we'll try to chase down who is our current contact for taiga.

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