#8207 PDC: Populate more information about released Fedoras
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PDC currently has the info and already provides an API to access released Fedoras. However, more info could be populated so projects as osinfo-db* (which I maintain) could fetch the information from and populate its entries automated.

The information that would be relevant for osinfo-db would be:
1 The system version (Fedora 31, for instance)
1.1 Its variants
1.1.1 For each variant: The URL for its: ISOs; Trees; Images;
1.1.2 The minimum / recommended resources for running the system

Currently all this information is available somewhere, in the Fedora webpage. Concentrating those together would help us to automated our processes.

*osinfo-db: is a database of OSes, consumed by GNOME Boxes, virt-manager / virt-install, Cockpit, OpenStack, etc ...

If this is not the right place for the PDC RFC, please, just let me know and, if possible, redirect me to the right place.

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