#8202 badges SOP->docs.fedoraproject.org
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This issue is in regards to #702 from the fedora-badges pagure.

Currently the docs on badge creation are minimal and I wanted some clarity on whether the infra team is still moving this around. If not, I was prepared to copy the text over, or alternatively, provide a link back to the readthedocs.io page.

The link to #702 appears to go to #702 from fedora-infrastructure pagure. The correct ticket is:


Anyone know a way to get this linked properly in the comment? I used


So, yeah, we are looking at/thinking of moving these sop docs at some point, but I can't tell you a specific date.

The badges sop there was/is the sysadmin type tasks around badges (how to push new ones out, etc).

If other folks are working on badges and doing those tasks it would make sense to move this over to where they work.

So, not sure what I would advise doing right now. Perhaps close this and revist after we move things? Or go ahead and link to it now and we update it later?

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Thank you @kevin, Ill close the ticket for now and add a link for those who want a deeper understanding of the badges process. Then maybe when a decision is made regarding it can be reopened or a new ticket opened.

I appreciate your response and your time. Thanks again and have a nice weekend.

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