#8184 No notifications from greenwave
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But all the recent notifications greenwave sent are related to compose, not to the packages tested: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/datagrepper/raw?category=greenwave&rows_per_page=1&delta=127800

@gnaponie @lucarval any idea?

I actually see those two messages:

Beside those, checking the logs for previous cases I see that the decision didn't change.
Unfortunately I don't a timestamp of when the log got printed. This is a bit uncomfortable for the debugging. I'm wondering why that's not printed...

Everything seems fine. It might just be that was a bit slow to reply, I see the result has timestamp "2019-09-09T15:43:10.424750" and the greenwave message was at "2019-09-09 15:51:22 UTC", but without timestamps in the logs it is a bit hard to see what was the slow point.

Re-running my monitoring script this morning, I've noticed that rdbsync was down, so I've restarted it.

On the greenwave front, it looks like things are going fine, so I guess @gnaponie was correct and it was just slow yesterday (my script waits for 15 minutes then mark the step as failed)

Let's close this ticket as currently things are working! :)

Thanks for your help @gnaponie ! :)

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4 months ago

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