#8179 Disable nfs snapshoft for mdapi persistant volume on Openshift
Closed: Fixed 9 months ago by kevin. Opened 9 months ago by cverna.

smooge reported that the OpenShift persistent volume for mdapi was getting full. After investigation it seems that this is due to the snapshots.

We don't need to snapshot that volume.

sh-4.4$ df -h
Filesystem                                                                Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
overlay                                                                    59G   48G   11G  82% /
tmpfs                                                                      64M     0   64M   0% /dev
tmpfs                                                                     7.8G     0  7.8G   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
shm                                                                        64M     0   64M   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs                                                                     7.8G   20M  7.8G   1% /etc/hostname
/dev/mapper/GuestVolGroup00-root                                           59G   48G   11G  82% /etc/mdapi
ntap-phx2-c01-fedora01-nfs.storage.phx2.redhat.com:/openshift_prod_mdapi   23G   19G  3.8G  84% /var/tmp
tmpfs                                                                     7.8G   16K  7.8G   1% /run/secrets/kubernetes.io/serviceaccount
tmpfs                                                                     7.8G     0  7.8G   0% /proc/acpi
tmpfs                                                                     7.8G     0  7.8G   0% /proc/scsi
tmpfs                                                                     7.8G     0  7.8G   0% /sys/firmware
cd /var/tmp/.snapshot
du -shxc *
du -shxc *
3.4G    daily.2019-09-03_0010
3.4G    daily.2019-09-04_0010
3.4G    daily.2019-09-05_0010
3.4G    daily.2019-09-06_0010
3.4G    hourly.2019-09-06_1305
3.4G    hourly.2019-09-06_1405
3.4G    hourly.2019-09-06_1505
3.4G    hourly.2019-09-06_1605
3.4G    hourly.2019-09-06_1705
3.4G    hourly.2019-09-06_1805
2.9G    weekly.2019-08-11_0015
2.8G    weekly.2019-08-18_0015
3.4G    weekly.2019-08-25_0015
3.4G    weekly.2019-09-01_0015
46G total

Metadata Update from @cverna:
- Issue tagged with: OpenShift

9 months ago

Metadata Update from @kevin:
- Issue close_status updated to: Fixed
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

9 months ago

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