#8178 provision new aarch64 builders
Opened 3 months ago by kevin. Modified 16 days ago

We have some new aarch64 hardware, we need to get it provisioned.

@smooge already got them racked and they are pending network config.

After that they will need:

  • mgmt config (set passwords, etc)
  • OS install ( I guess we go with either Fedora 30 or RHEL8 for the virthost os)
  • Ansible work to add them (with freeze breaks as needed)
  • Determine capacity for builders.
  • Deploy aarch64 and armv7 builders on them.

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3 months ago

So, I got the first one of these all setup with Fedora 30 fine, then tried to make a armv7 guest.

Unfortunately that fails due to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1691430
So, we need a fix for that before we can move on with guest installs.

We can however do installs on all the rest of the hardware to get it ready...
and we can test a aarch64 guest.

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16 days ago

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