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After the discussion at the meeting this morning I was compelled to see what happens when new tickets are created.

I suspect this will be resolved quickly.

nice thought. :)

So, normally the oncall person would see the new ticket and look at it and if it had all the information we need move it to 'waiting for asignee' ie, waiting for someone to take the ticket and work it.

If the ticket didn't have enough info, oncall person would ask questions in ticket and move it to 'waiting on reporter' ie, waiting for some answer to happen from the reporter.

Finally if the ticket is waiting on some external event or happening, ie, do this after Fedora 31 is released, it would be moved to 'waiting for external'

Also, the oncall person would add any tags... like what service or area it was, which might help people looking for tickets to work on.

Make sense?

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9 months ago

As a new user is doesn't appear I have rights to change tickets. (as it should be)

Thanks for the feedback. There doesn't seem to be any significant volume of tickets being generated where the on-call person would get overwhelmed.

I'll close this out now.

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