#8147 Cleanup old build images on our Prod/Stg OpenShift.
Closed: Fixed a year ago by cverna. Opened a year ago by cverna.

Quite often we have new build failing because we run out of space (for example see https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8146).

We need a cronjob to do some cleaning base on the date of the image. We could keep all the build images that are less than 1 month old for example

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a year ago

Note that the two commands I used for this are in root history on all the nodes. Basically a docker image list and then a docker rmi shouldn't be too hard to script.

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a year ago

Yes I saw that :-), we could also use docker to cleanup all the "dangling" images (ie images that are not currently used by the docker daemon.
But I am not sure how that would impact the possibility to rollback to a previous image. I believe that each image successfully built is pushed to the internal registry so cleaning up images on each node should be fine.

@kevin what do you think about it ?

The command to remove dangling images is docker rmi $(docker images --filter dangling=true -q).

Sure. +1 to give it a try...

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a year ago

I ll close this and will check next week if the cron did his job :smile:

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a year ago

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