#8144 communishift: how to set up routes for my domain?
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With openshift 3, I was about to set up routes where I'd set a DNS record of my domain to point to the default openshift router and the cluster would handle everything.

With 4 and community openshift, I'm unable to figure out the hostname of the router nor there are any docs how to do it (I might be blind).

Any help would be very much appreciated.

You should be able to add routes with the 'apps.os.fedorainfracloud.org' subdomain... I think they default to routename-namespace.apps.os.fedorainfracloud.org

I can look at making an example one.

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oh, got it: create an "ugly" hostname using the openshift logic and then set CNAME for our domain to point to the route's hostname; makes perfect sense, thank you!

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