#8126 Influxdb is not working on Centos CI - continuous-infra project (CI metrics)
Closed: Fixed a year ago by mvadkert. Opened a year ago by mvadkert.

The deployment stopped working. I am not able to resurrect it. It seems to be used for CI metrics, but we do no use it.

It seems to be broken for some time now.

Can we remove it?

@jbieren @bstinson

IMO we should rethink the CI metrics story anyways, so +1 from me to remove for now. But i'm not sure if that service was intended for the other tenants of the continuous-infra project

Closing as resolved, we are sorting out the removal
@ https://github.com/CentOS-PaaS-SIG/upstream-fedora-pipeline/pull/154

I will get rid of influxdb deployment afterwards ...

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a year ago

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