#8116 Can't contribute to Taiga, invitation link not working
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Benson Muite invited me to join a Taiga with this link:

It's supposed to add me as "Product Owner" to this project:

Benson sent me the invitation two times with same result.
I connect to Taiga and nothing happens.
If I'm already connected, it still asks for me to connect.
Behaviour is the same with Firefox on Linux or Windows.

He sent me a screenshot of the member list that shows the invitation request was sent to my email (which match the one I use for my FAS: jibecfed).

Can you please help here?

By the way, @bcotton looks like to know how to allow anyone with a FAS account to be able to contribute any projects:

The trick with that is to enable those permissions for unauthenticated
users. It sounds scarier than it is because our FAS authentication
plugin prevents actual non-authenticated users from making changes, as
best as I have been able to tell.

I feel like we should have this by default on any projects so we have the same behavior than for most of Fedora tools. And let projects owner remove this right if they wish.

Thanks a lot for your help

Assigning to Jim Perrin as he has the rights with Taiga

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2 years ago

@jibecfed did you received the link on the email account that you have registered in FAS ?. I think the email needs to be the same.

Yes, same email Clement (jean-baptiste aro holcroft dot fr).

Yes, same email Clement (jean-baptiste aro holcroft dot fr).

Ok then I am not sure what is going on :disappointed:

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2 years ago

Hello, everyone!

We are from the taiga support team! Have tried to replicate on our dev servers, but there are some differences regarding your instance (such as the FAS auth), could you send us an invitation to check the behaviour with FAS?


could it be possible that the fact I was previously using https://taiga.fedorainfracloud.org could have an impact here?
Don't we have some way to add a user to a project so I can move forward?

Hmmm it should not be a problem, as long as you have a user in the other instance.

An option would be (again, this requires you to have a user on https://teams.fedoraproject.org) to just directly add you to the project. Benson would go to Project Admin -> Members --> + Add member and there he would start typing your username to filter users. Once your username appears, he would select you and assign you a role and then click on Invite.

Provided you already have an account on https://teams.fedora.org, you should be automatically added to the project.


@jibecfed Can you ask Benson Muite to try addinng you directly as noted in the last comment and let us know what happens?

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2 years ago

I lost hope and created a new project...

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2 years ago

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