#8108 Spam in perl-devel list from a non-subscribed address
Opened 3 months ago by ppisar. Modified 2 months ago

perl-devel mailing list received a spam message that bypassed moderation queue.

Please remove the message from the archive.

None of the addresses listed in the From: header (Email@fedoraproject.org, Admin@fedoraproject.org) are subscribed to the list. It looks like yet another bug in the list server. Please fix it.

Email has been deleted. The problems with the mailman3 are outside of this ticket queue to fix so will need to be opened upstream somewhere. Looking for what that would be.

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3 months ago

Do you still have a copy of the email (hopefully with all headers)? Otherwise I am not sure we can track this down...

I'm sorry. I don't have it anymore. Maybe the culprit was that the From: header contained two addresses and that could trigger the wrong path in the mailman3 code.

It may also have been someone using the hyperkitty web interface... but hard to say.

Do let us know if this shows up again and we can dig deeper.

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2 months ago

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2 months ago

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