#8099 Create f31 and EPEL8 collections in Koschei
Closed: Fixed 6 months ago by mizdebsk. Opened 6 months ago by ellert.

Fedora 31 was branched, but not yet in Koschei.
EPEL8 was released, but no yet tracked in Koschei.

Do we run koschei or just house koschei?

Do we run koschei or just house koschei?

The later :)

OK in that case, I think the upstream for this is https://github.com/msimacek/koschei but I will see if @mizdebsk can help on this also.

@mizdebsk or @msimacek can you update the config

I see this is addressed in the SOP, but it's a bit confusing to me as it uses branching of f28 off of f27? and I don't see rawhide mentioned... I would expect to branch f31 off rawhide...

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The right commands for creating F32 collection out of F31 would be:

ssh root@koschei-backend01.phx2.fedoraproject.org
koschei-admin branch-collection f31 f32 -d 'Fedora 31' -t f32 --bugzilla-version 31

but this fails trying to auth to Koji and right now I don't have time to investigate this. I will try to do it later this week.

At this point I don't have any plans for enabling EPEL 8 in Koschei. First I would need to gather feedback from EPEL developers and infrastructure and decide which variants of EPEL 8 to enable.

Done with:

[koschei@koschei-backend01 ~][PROD]$ time koschei-admin branch-collection f31 f32 -d 'Fedora 31' -t f32 --bugzilla-version 31
Copying package table
Copying build table
Copying koji_task table
Copying resolution_change table
Copying resolution_problem table
Copying applied_change table
Collection f32 branched from f31

real    7m23.123s
user    0m0.611s
sys     0m0.146s

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