#8095 missing tickets from release-monitoring
Closed: Fixed a year ago by kevin. Opened a year ago by loveshack.

release-monitoring no longer seems to be creating bugzilla tickets. One example is the package opari2, another is scorep, both recently updated.

@zlopez I assume this is the bugzilla issue? Can we do anything to get them moving along with a fix faster?

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a year ago

@kevin The issue is with golang-github-jeffail-gabs package. Originally it was named golang-github-Jeffail-gabs, but was renamed two months ago to current package golang-github-jeffail-gabs. Unfortunately bugzilla has only component with J and when the-new-hotness is trying to find it, it fails.

Who could rename it in bugzilla or create a new component with correct name?

I've done the change.

Can you see if that gets it working now?

It got to another package. It's now failing on golang-github-shopify-sarama, same issue.

It looks like somebody renamed golang packages two months ago and didn't do the change in Bugzilla. I wonder how many packages were affected by this.

I also working on patch returning NACK to fedora messaging when this happens, this should help the-new-hotness with processing following messages and don't crash on this issue.

Fixed that one. Let me know if there are more.

Thanks, it's now running for 40 minutes without issue. I will let you know if there will be any other issue with some package.

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a year ago

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