#8087 Update bugzilla2fedmsg in production
Opened 3 months ago by adamwill. Modified 11 hours ago

production bugzilla2fedmsg is, AFAICT, still 0.3.0 or 0.3.1. This means it's still Python 2, still publishing to fedmsg not fedora-messaging, and has a bunch of bugs in terms of how it actually produces messages that are fixed in 1.0.0 (which we released yesterday). We should update to 1.0.0 in production so we are using Python 3 to publish awesome messages to fedora-messaging.

The Fedora package was retired, so we should revive it, I guess. The new version depends on stompest, which is not yet packaged, so it needs packaging (I see @abompard did a build of it in an infra tag, but it really should be packaged properly) first.

@abompard @jcline

I can try and get this later this week, or someone else can sooner. :)

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3 months ago

I did a quick run over the bugzilla2fedmsg spec file, but then ran into the missing python-stompest package. I didn't want to duplicate whatever work @abompard 's done on that, so I stopped.

Yeah I'm working on that, I've been trying to build it in the infra repo for a couple days but I'm hitting a buildroot error.

DEBUG util.py:585:  BUILDSTDERR: Error: 
DEBUG util.py:585:  BUILDSTDERR:  Problem: conflicting requests
DEBUG util.py:585:  BUILDSTDERR:   - nothing provides python-rpm-macros > 3-30 needed by python-devel-2.7.5-86.el7.x86_64
DEBUG util.py:585:  BUILDSTDERR:   - nothing provides python2-rpm-macros > 3-30 needed by python-devel-2.7.5-86.el7.x86_64

Do you know where that comes from?

This should be all fixed now. Please rebuild.

OK, here's some update: the newer version of bugzilla2fedmsg has been ported to Python 3 and Fedora Messaging. However, the fedora-messaging package is not built for Python3 in EPEL7, where bugzilla2fedmsg currently runs, because of an outdated dependency. As a result I can't update bugzilla2fedmsg on EPEL7.

I think it would be beneficial to move the service on a Fedora host, ideally running in Openshift. What do you think, folks?
Can you create the project for me in OS? I won't be able to work on it before next Wednesday though.

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3 months ago

+1 for running it on Fedora (or, I guess, EPEL 8? :>)

is the outdated dependency in EPEL or RHEL? If it's in EPEL I can maybe do something with provenpackager powers...

Moving this to openshift sounds great to me... you should be able to make a playbook and it will create the project, etc.

I can add whatever you want to call the playbook to rbac-playbook when you are ready

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2 months ago

OK, I have created playbooks/openshift-apps/bugzilla2fedmsg.yml. Kevin, could you allow me to run rbac-playbook on it so I can test it?

rbac-playbook says user abompard is not authorized to run openshift-apps/bugzilla2fedmsg.yml. Should I do something @kevin ?

Sorry about that, there was a typo in the rbac config. ;(

Fixed now, please retry...

Oh, I thought I pinged you on IRC @adamwill, but I may have forgotten. The package had been orphaned for a while so the next step now is to re-review it:
If you want to help with that, it'd be appreciated. Thanks.

I put some comments on the bug six days ago :)

bugzilla2fedmsg and python-stompest passed their reviews and got approved.

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