#8079 EPEL8 enablement for mdapi and repo2json
Closed: Fixed 6 months ago by kevin. Opened 6 months ago by ngompa.

Since EPEL8 is now a thing, it'd be great to have our tools for figuring out what's available in EL8+EPEL8 so that it'll be easier for us to figure out what to get into EPEL8 for shipping our infra software into EPEL8.

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6 months ago

This was one of the first things needed to be done because PDC needed it to see if something can be branched or not. It is an ugly set of json so it isn't not easily human parsable

It looks like mdapi may not be picking the info yet:

I'll try to fix this a bit later

So it looks like for mdapi to pick up epel8, we need to add it to:

I have made the change in:

but I have not run the playbook, if someone wants to do it it would be most
appreciated :)

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