#8067 CI message sent to stage fedmsg doesn't show on stage datagrepper
Closed: Fixed 6 months ago by mizdebsk. Opened 6 months ago by bgoncalv.

So there are a couple of things here:

  • IIRC there is a bridge in ci.centos.org that signs and relay messages sent by the pipeline, so, is the right bridge used? Is it working as expected?

  • On our side, we should check if ci.centos.org is allowed to send org.centos.stg (or is it .stage?) messages.

@bstinson @siddharthvipul1 could you check the first point?

@bgoncalv which topics exactly are you sending in stg?

@pingou it is basically the same topics we send on prod, just replace the org.centos.prod prefix by org.centos.stage.

The relay was stuck again.

It's really difficult for us to monitor for this, because the process stays alive but stops passing messages.

Is there anything further to do here? Should we just close this out?

Metadata Update from @kevin:
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6 months ago

I see the message appearing on stage datagrepper, so I think it can be closed.

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- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

6 months ago

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