#8065 Move older koji builds to archive volumes
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Our fedora_koji netapp volume is currently 73TB. The backend storage shelf it's on is only 75TB. Once we reach that space, we will just be out of space as there's no larger storage shelf to move us to that has the same performance as the current one.

To that end, we are going to make some archive volumes and archive off old packages so we can shrink the main active volume and more easily move it's backend storage around.

koji has support for this and koji-tools has a script that can be used for this with policy.

There's an existing releng ticket for this work as well, but this is being filed for more visibility.

fc6 has been moved, which caused fedmsg notifications about buildsys.build.state.change to send to owners of those packages. ;(

I've put in a filter in the koji fedora-messaging plugin to supress these.

I have then moved f7 will do more after announcement goes out.

I have archived up to fedora 20 on the first volume.

I have created another volume and am doing f21+ on it until it's full.

The releases get larger as time goes on, so fewer will fit on one volume.

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To update this:

I have created a second archive volume and am moving things to it. I'm up to fc23.

I'm running into a slight issue thats good to fix up as I go: We have some packages that for various reasons don't build anymore and also don't register as failing to build so they can be retired (They fail in the 'fedpkg sources' step before a build is even attempted. Moving these breaks composes (because we don't have the archive volumes mounted on compose machines). I have been fixing / retiring these as I go. So far:

fedora-screensaver-theme (fc23 - retired
brewtarget (f23)- fixed

kguitar (f21!) - fixed

Will keep fixing those as I go, as they should be cleaned up.

I am now hitting more and more old broken packages. ;(

So, in an effort to speed things up I am going to take another tack: I have made a new koji tag called 'do-not-archive-yet'. I am adjusting the policy to leave these on the default volume, then when I hit them I can just tag them and go on, then we can circle back around and fix them after (or during if we have time/desire!) the archiving is done.

We should be all done up to fedora 28 now.

We may need a followup to split more things out as the main volume will likely be around 40TB, which may be still too large.

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