#8035 A few final ansible secrets for kerneltest
Opened 4 months ago by jcline. Modified 2 months ago

There's a "kerneltest_secretkey" for the kerneltest web application to use, but no corresponding "stg_kerneltest_secretkey" variable, so I need someone to collect some small batch, home grown, organic entropy and place it in an ansible variable with that name.

kerneltest is also moving to openid connect so it's going to need the OIDC variables and secrets. It looks like other apps have "<app>_oidc_client_id", and then "<app>_oidc_client_secret" and "<app>_oidc_client_secret_stg".


I actually already made that, but it's called: 'kerneltest_stg_secret_key'

Do you need prod and staging OIDC? Do you need any scopes? (see: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Authentication )

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Ah, cool.

For OIDC yeah, staging and prod would be good. Patrick set up some scopes for me I think when I was doing the development, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Authentication#github.com.2Fjmflinuxtx.2Fkerneltest-harness should be what's there.

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