#8 Get VCS notifications working
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by kanarip.

For Fedora Translations (transifex), we need to give FAS user fedoral10n access to the GIT source repository module 'revisor', but only .po files in the po/ directory. Creation of files matchting the po/.po pattern should be allowed also. Source would be the translate.fedoraproject.org website/server.

Jeremy and I are working to get this figured out. Jeremy did recently get commit notifications working. He's still testing on it but I'll keep you informed.

Transifex is in place with transifex{cvs,svn,hg,git} accounts on all our VCSs.

Notifications seem to work for git, but not yet for hg.

I think we have VCS notifications working for the most part. Feel free to reopen if I missed something.

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