#7992 Jenkins can't connect to Pagure
Closed: Fixed a year ago by lsedlar. Opened a year ago by lsedlar.

Pungi unit test job is failing with Connection timed out when trying to clone sources from pagure.io.


I can clone the repo locally just fine, so the pagure.io server is up and running.

@bstinson - I remember you put in place an /etc/hosts entry for Pagure.
Pagure was moved to another host last week, so please remove that entry.

Metadata Update from @puiterwijk:
- Issue assigned to bstinson

a year ago

bstinson is on PTO til 2019-07-22. Reassigning.

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- Issue assigned to siddharthvipul1 (was: bstinson)

a year ago

This should be fixed now.
I don't have access to close this issue, please retrigger the job, confirm and then close this :)

It's working for me now. Thank you very much!

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- Issue close_status updated to: Fixed
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a year ago

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