#7967 Allow zlopez to build bodhi in the infra tags
Closed: Upstream a year ago by puiterwijk. Opened a year ago by pingou.

We're working on getting @zlopez accustomed with the bodhi release process and this involves build the srpm into an rpm in the f29 infra tag in koji.
However, he is running into: 36017905 build (f29-infra, bodhi-4.1.0-0.0beta.30f8d10.fc29.infra.src.rpm): free -> FAILED: ActionNotAllowed: policy violation (build_from_srpm).

I figure this is a permission issue. Can we allow @zlopez to build in the f29-infra tags in koji?

Thanks :)

This is a request for releng.

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a year ago

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