#7945 setup robotsignatory in staging
Closed: Duplicate 8 months ago by kevin. Opened 8 months ago by pingou.

In order to fully test the integration between the different pieces involved in gating rawhide packages in staging we would need robotsignatory to be setup there again.

According to @puiterwijk it used to work but hasn't been maintained so it no longer works now :(

One of the issue @puiterwijk identified was the access to the gpg key:
puiterwijk | Basically, ask releng if they still have access to the stg keys. If they do, it's just a rebinding and configuration of this

@mohanboddu do you still have access to the stg keys?

This is a duplicate of #7183. Closing in favor of that one...

I personally have no record of staging keys.

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8 months ago

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