#7917 Call in Dell Hardware Bad Drives
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  1. Go through all existing dell r520, r720 and r630 systems and get their current drive status.
  2. Go to any systems with bad disks and gather the following data for Dell.
    a. Look up the hosts mgmt.fedoraproject.org ip address
    b. Log into the mgmt idrac ip address
    c. Get the serial number and other relevant data
    d. Confirm in Storage that the drive is reporting failed/off
    e. Go to Troubleshooting -> Support Assist
    f. Click on "Edit Collection Data". Add storage.
    g. Click Save Collection and save data to send to Dell.
  3. Call Dell support number and go through case data they ask for.
  4. Give them the PHX2 location to mail drives to. Remind them to send you the shipping info because this is a colocation where you can't just pick up stuff without confirmation shipping number.
  5. Most of the time they will email/call the next day with the shipping number. If they don't call them/email them to get it.
  6. Once you get the shipping number, open an internal service desk ticket to get the drives replaced. Follow internal procedures for that.
  7. Work with PHX2 staff to get the drive replaced. Ask them to confirm they mailed it back to you when the drive is replaced.
  8. PHX2 staff will usually try to ping you on IRC to confirm they can replace the drive. Most of the time all you need to do is put the drive on discover in the idrac and they do that.
  9. Get them to send back the drives
  10. Close out the tickets.

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@codeblock called these in and got them all replaced with systems rebooted.

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