#7902 macOS Fedora Media Writer is damaged and can't be opened
Opened 3 months ago by chrismurphy. Modified 3 months ago

When I go here:

And click on the Apple icon to the right of Fedora Media Writer, I get Fedora Media Writer 4.1.4 and it does not launch on macOS, instead I get an error message "is damaged and can't be opened."

Originally filed:

But I don't think it's a packaging problem, but a signing problem.

I ran sudo spctl --master-disable and the problem doesn't happen anymore. I can successfully image a USB stick. Of course, this isn't an acceptable work around for users, but I think it conclusively shows it's a signing issue of some sort.

@puiterwijk does the mac builds and would be able to look at this.

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3 months ago

This turned out to be a known bug in Mac OS 10.13, with a documented workaround/fix at https://developer.apple.com/documentation/security/notarizing_your_app_before_distribution/resolving_common_notarization_issues#3087725 .
I intend to make a non-stapled build and distribute that when I get time to handle this.

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