#7888 moving copr builders to kubevirt/openshift virtualization
Opened 3 months ago by praiskup. Modified 3 months ago

The work with copr builders in openstack is being really painful (#7868 + #7721; work-around is not automatizable, because #7711). And I'm pretty much clueless how to resolve the immediate issues without fixing #7868.

I'm filling this issue also because I've heard that we plan to move out from openstack but I'm not sure where should I hook myself to get properly informed :-).

Just saying that we'd like to be counted even as early adopters; we can for example start only part of our builders in kubevirt for certain time period -- to not risk that copr will be down entirely in early stages.

Yes, we intend copr to be a early adopter/help us with this... but it's not quite ready for that.

We will let you know when it is.

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