#7880 email2fas not working in production (fedmsg/datanommer, fedmsg/irc)
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fedmsg_meta_fedora_infrastructure provides an email2fas function that is supposed to try and convert email addresses to FAS IDs, when this is possible (i.e. there's a FAS ID associated with the email address) and correct FAS credentials are provided in the correct format.

This does not (no longer?) seems to be working in production.

Looking at both IRC notifications and datagrepper output, I see for instance this (IRC - note the None is another bug I'm working on...):

<fedora-notif> bcotton@redhat.com updated 'bug_status' and 'resolution' on RHBZ#1514823 'owncloud needs some patches for sabre da...' 3 minutes ago None

and this (datagrepper):

bugzilla.bug.update mhroncok@redhat.com updated 'cc' on RHBZ#1717652 'Review Request: prusa-slicer - G-code ge...' JSON

both those email addresses are associated with FAS accounts ('bcotton' and 'churchyard' respectively). The 'bz' process does call email2fas on the email addresses to try and convert them to FAS account names; if this fails it just goes ahead and uses the email addresses. So it's failing, but it shouldn't be, it should be able to find the accounts.

I can't tell why this isn't working, for sure, as I don't have access to the relevant hosts. The relevant roles are fedmsg/datanommer and fedmsg/irc; both create a /etc/fedmsg.d/fas-credentials.py that looks correct, but I can't check beyond that what's going wrong...

@puiterwijk @pingou @ralph

Note, I just tested that at least simply importing and calling (with a correct kwarg) email2fas does work on my Rawhide desktop, at present. After a long time waiting for the FAS cache to be generated, it gives a correct result:

>>> email2fas('bcotton@redhat.com', fas_credentials={'username':'adamwill','password':'CENSORED'})

tried password recovery for my old fas username. put the username and email in, that i know worked in the past, and told that the email address password combo does not exist, so I can not reset or get in to my old fas login, which had earned a lot of badges and karma. I would like to get it back. Username is SteveEbey73701 and email used is eaglecomputers.ok@gmail.com

@sdebey73701 This is a different problem. You old account is steveebey73742

ok, will try recovery on that. I thought I changed it after my move.

Is this only on bugzilla messages? Perhaps it's an issue with the lookup there?

For example I see:

    git.receive churchyard pushed to python-beniget (master). "Initial import (#1724278)" JSON  29 minutes ago - 2019-06-27 17:40:15 UTC
    git.lookaside.new churchyard uploaded beniget-0.1.0.tar.gz for rpms/python-beniget JSON     30 minutes ago - 2019-06-27 17:39:16 UTC
    buildsys.task.state.change churchyard's scratch build of python3-3.7.4~rc1-1.fc31.src.rpm for rawhide started JSON  30 minutes ago - 2019-06-27 17:38:57 UTC
    pagure.pull-request.comment.added churchyard commented on PR #115 on rpms/python3 JSON  33 minutes ago - 2019-06-27 17:36:13 UTC
    bugzilla.bug.update mhroncok@redhat.com updated nothing on RHBZ#1724753 'python3: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide (can't ...' JSON  34 minutes ago - 2019-06-27 17:35:33 UTC 

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only Bugzilla (IIRC) actually needs email2fas. Most other systems already deal in Fedora usernames in the first place, after all. email2fas was mainly invented for Bugzilla because Bugzilla didn't use Fedora auth: all Bugzilla knows is the account's email address, it cannot know if there is a FAS account associated with that email address. So we get email addresses in the Bugzilla messages, and then the meta processor has to try and figure out FAS account names from them.

OK, so there are a couple other things that use it: mailman3, anitya, and pagure.

Anitya allows users to log in by other means than only FAS account, so this is probably why email2fas is used by it, but it's not necessary, if you don't use your FAS account you couldn't assume that you will be recognized by Anitya.

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So, now that fas is retired, what does this mean here? Should we make a email2noggin replacement?

Probably? I think the bugzilla case probably still obtains. You can log into bugzilla using Fedora auth now, but I don't know if bugzilla messages include Fedora usernames for people who log in that way. If nothing else it'd be nice not to be publishing people's unobfuscated email addresses in bugzilla messages, I guess?

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