#7879 Update fedmsg_meta in production
Opened 2 months ago by adamwill. Modified a month ago

The current production fedmsg_meta_fedora_infrastructure cannot cope with the current format of CI pipeline messages, meaning everyone who does package builds gets tons of "there was a problem making them human-readable" errors from the notification system.

I fixed this, but the fix has not yet been deployed to production. Can we please do whatever is necessary to make that happen? Thanks.

@puiterwijk @pingou

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2 months ago

@puiterwijk Are you still going to do this? Is there perhaps a SOP or readme one of the rest of us could follow to do a upstream release and update?

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a month ago

Note I still have a PR outstanding that significantly improves Bugzilla message handling:


and I'm working on another for Bodhi. It's kinda painful that it's so hard to get improvements to this actually rolled out.

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