#7864 BFO isn't working on virtual machines
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I've tried using https://boot.fedoraproject.org/ in a virtual machine. What I did was download the bfo.iso image and try to boot it. I will include a screenshot of what happens.

This service is currently dead upstream and we may not be able to actually get working anymore. I have listed this as a deprecated project, but I may be wrong here and someone can 'fix' it in the next week.

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a year ago

All I can do is point out that https://netboot.xyz/ uses it and works fine. There is a workaround for the https issue (it actually works with http).

This is, I suspect, the index file to where the chain directs you to. The first script: https://github.com/antonym/netboot.xyz/blob/master/src/index.html

That solves the https issue.

Thanks. I was unaware of this project and had been hitting older links. I think it makes sense that we direct people to there and work with that sute to have fedora images

Yes, we need to retire this service. :)

Feel free to use netboot.xyz or some other install method...

This service is retired.

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6 months ago

Long live boot.fedoraprojectorg!

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