#7849 What should we do with tag2distrepo?
Closed: Fixed a year ago by puiterwijk. Opened a year ago by bowlofeggs.

In #7847 and #7848 I mention that bodhi-backend02 is running a fedmsg-hub-3 consumer called tag2distrepo. Do we want to keep it on bodhi-backend02? Do we want to move it to its own host, or another existing host? Do we want to move it to OpenShift?

I think I've currently broken it because I didn't realize that it used fedmsg-hub-3 and I removed the part of Bodhi's playbook that starts that service. I'd like input from some folks about where we want to run this service so I can get our Ansible code back into a good state for it. I'm happy to do that work, but I'd like to know what we want to do first.

Chiming in from left field: Releng will be able to give you more info but the coreos teams are usingt ag2distrepo (recently added tags for coreos). I'm pretty sure others use it too because kevin just added our config to an existing config.

I've opened https://pagure.io/releng/tag2distrepo/pull-request/4 to try to convert it to fedora-messaging. If we can do that, it will be easier to get it to run in OpenShift.

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a year ago

Random idea: Should we try to port this to loopabull?

Totally different finished idea: ported to a Koji hub plugin.
Way less code, and way less maintenance.
I hope to have this live in an hour.

This has gotten a full rewrite and is now a koji hub plugin.
I'll remove all references from bodhi for this and stop it there after configurin the new version.

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a year ago

This has gotten a full rewrite and is now a koji hub plugin.

cool - any chance you have a link to that work?

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